Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (C|HFI)

The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) course delivers the security discipline of digital forensics from a vendor-neutral perspective.

CHFI Course

What is C|HFI ?

C|HFI presents a methodological approach to computer forensics including searching and seizing, chain-of-custody, acquisition, preservation, analysis and reporting of digital evidence.

CHFI is a comprehensive course covering major forensic investigation scenarios and enabling students to acquire necessary hands-on experience with various forensic investigation techniques and standard forensic tools necessary to successfully carry out a computer forensic investigation leading to the prosecution of perpetrators.

CHFI v10 includes all the essentials of digital forensics analysis and evaluation required for today’s digital world.

From identifying the footprints of a breach to collecting evidence for a prosecution, CHFI v10 walks students through every step of the process with experiential learning. This course has been tested and approved by veterans and top practitioners of the cyber forensics industry.

C|HFI Objectives

Dark Web and IoT Forensics

Includes critical modules in Dark Web Forensics and IoT Forensics.

Malware Forensics

Extensive coverage of Malware Forensics (latest malware samples such as Emotet and EternalBlue).

Cloud Forensics

Significant coverage of forensic methodologies for public cloud infrastructure, including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Evidence Files & Mobile

More than 50GB of crafted evidence files for investigation purposes Massive updates on all modules.

RAM Forensics & Attacks

In-depth focus on Volatile and Non-volatile data acquisition and examination process (RAM Forensics, Tor Forensics, etc.)

Anti-forensic & Windows

New techniques such as Defeating Anti-forensic technique, Windows ShellBags including analyzing LNK files and Jump Lists.

CHFI Course

Why C|HFI v10 ?

If you are tasked with implementing, managing, or protecting web applications, then this course is for you.

If you are a cyber or tech professional who is interested in learning or recommending mitigation methods to a myriad of web security issues and want a pure hands-on program, then this is the course you have been waiting for.

  • EC-Council is one of the few ANSI 17024 accredited institutions globally that specializes in Information Security.
  • The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) credential is an ANSI 17024 accredited certification.
  • The CHFI v10 program has been redesigned and updated after a thorough investigation into current market requirements, job tasks analysis, and the recent industry focus on forensic skills.
  • It is designed and developed by experienced subject matter experts and digital forensics practitioners.
  • CHFI v10 program includes extensive coverage of Malware Forensics processes, along with new modules such as Dark Web Forensics and IoT Forensics.
  • It also covers detailed forensic methodologies for public cloud infrastructure, including Amazon AWS and Azure.
  • The program is developed with an in-depth focus on Volatile data acquisition and examination processes (RAM Forensics, Tor Forensics, etc.).
  • CHFI v10 is a complete vendor-neutral course covering all major forensics investigation technologies and solutions.
  • CHFI has detailed labs for a hands-on learning experience. On average, 50% of training time is dedicated to labs, loaded on EC-Council’s CyberQ (Cyber Ranges).
  • It covers all the relevant knowledge bases and skills to meet regulatory compliance standards such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOX, HIPPA, etc.
  • It comes with an extensive number of white papers for additional reading.
  • The program presents a repeatable forensics investigation methodology from a versatile digital forensic professional, increasing employability.
  • The courseware is packed with forensics investigation templates for evidence collection, the chain of custody, final investigation reports, etc.
  • The program comes with cloud-based virtual labs, loaded on advanced Cyber Ranges, enabling students to practice various investigation techniques in real-time and realistically simulated environments.

CHFI Course

C|HFI v10 Course Outline

  • +
    Module 01

    Computer Forensics in Today’s World

  • +
    Module 02

    Computer Forensics Investigation Process

  • +
    Module 03

    Hard Disks and File Systems

  • +
    Module 04

    Data Acquisition and Duplication

  • +
    Module 05

    Defeating Anti-Forensics Techniques

  • +
    Module 06

    Windows Forensics

  • +
    Module 07

    Linux and Mac Forensics

  • +
    Module 08

    Network Forensics

  • +
    Module 09

    Investigating Web Attacks

  • +
    Module 10

    Dark Web Forensics

  • +
    Module 11

    Database Forensics

  • +
    Module 12

    Cloud Forensics

  • +
    Module 13

    Investigating Email Crimes

  • +
    Module 14

    Malware Forensics

  • +
    Module 15

    Mobile Forensics

  • +
    Module 16

    IoT Forensics

CHFI Course


Please ensure that your computer or laptop meets the following requirements.
  • Operating system: Windows 10 or MacOS (64 bit or above)
  • Processor/CPU: 1.8 GHz, 2-core Intel Core i3 or higher
  • Minimum 20 GB hard disk space & Minimum 8 Gb RAM
  • Internet Connection: Wired or Wireless broadband

CHFI Course

C|HFI v10 About the Exam

The CHFI certification is awarded after successfully passing exam ECO 312-49. CHFI ECO 312-49 exams are available at ECC exam centers around the world.

Cut Score

In order to maintain the high integrity of our certification exams, EC-Council Exams are provided in multiple forms (i.e., different question banks).
Depending on which exam form is challenged, cut scores can range from 60% to 85%.

  • Number of Questions : 150
  • Test Duration : 4 Hours
  • Test Format : Multiple Choice
  • Test Delivery : ECC Exam Portal


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CHFI Price

$1,499.00/ VAT not included
     >> eBook: 12 Months
     >> iLabs: 6 Months
     >> Video Lectures: 12 Months
     >> Exam Voucher: 12 months
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University Degree Price

$1,899.00/ VAT not included
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Graduate CHFI Course

Deveolp Forensic Senarios

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What they are saying about us

It is my pleasure to take the time to praise the EC-Council for having such a magnificent class, specifically THE Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator course. The course had an abundance of information, utilities, programs, and hands on experience. I am a consultant at Dell and we do have a lot of technical training, but I must comment that this one is one of the best trainings I have seen in several years. I will definitively recommend this course to all my colleagues.

Hector Alvarez

Consultant & Dell Corporation

All the treatment has been excellent, the material and the content of the course overcomes my expectations. Thanks to the instructor and to Itera for their professionalism.

Sergio Lopez Martin

Security Sales & IBM

The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) certification has been instrumental in assuring both my company and our clients that my skillset is among the elite in the cyber security and response profession. The CHFI allows my company to readily identify to our DoD clients that our team is trained to perform the rigorous functions required of cyber threat response team. Our company can now better brand our capability to investigate cyber security incidents, perform computer/malware forensic analysis, identify active threats, and report our findings.

Brad W. Beatty

Cyber Security Analyst

CHFI is a certification that gives an complete overview of the process that a forensic investigator must follow when is investigating a cybercrime. It includes not only the right treatment of the digital evidence in order to be accepted in the Courts but also useful tools and techniques that can be applied to investigate an incident.

Virginia Aguilar